Bibi Nanaki | Kundalini Alchemy Training – Online Lehrerausbildung Stufe 1

Kundalini Alchemy Training – Online Lehrerausbildung Stufe 1

11.2.2022 - 12.11.2022
    Kundalini Alchemy 

Kundalini Alchemy Training – Be to Be!

Anchor yourself in your deepest inner core.

Unleash your full potential.
Go for your own truth.
Live what you are really here for.

Come with us on this journey to your true self!
This Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training will change your life. It equips you with all the tools you need to apply this technology to yourself and to professionally bring the teachings to the world. You will learn to cleanse your body & mind, revitalize and connect with your true essence. Take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, also called Yoga of Consciousness. Theory and philosophy on the one hand, and your own experience of community, self-reflection, and deep practice of yoga & meditation on the other, provide you with the framework to further develop your human qualities and unfold your full potential for the benefit of all.


WE 11-13.02.2022
WE 18-20.03.2022  
DO 31.03.2022
WE 22-23.04.2022
DO 12.05.2022
WE 20.-22.05.2022
WE 10-12.06.2022
SA 02.07.2022
WE 15.-17.07.2022
WE 12.-14.08.2022
DO 01.09.2022
WE 16-18.09.2022
DO 06.10.2022
WE 14-16.10.2022
DO 27.10.2022
WE 11-12.11.2022  

10 weekends WE
each Friday, 6-9pm; Sat 9am-6pm;
Sun 5-7:30 p.m. Sadhana, Sun 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
(only the exam weekend in November ends Saturday evening)
5 Thursday evenings DO
each 6-21:30 p.m.
1 Saturday SA
5:00 Sadhana, Sun 9am – 2pm      

*Sadhana/morning practice – yoga & meditation each Sun 5:00 – 7:30 a.m.

*Regular intersession meetings in self-organized study groups


*Yogic philosophy & history

*Dynamics & Pedagogy in Kundalini Yoga

*Being a teacher in Kundalini Yoga

*Yogic Anatomy – Chakras, 10 Bodies, Nadis, Kundalini Energy

*Kriyas, Asanas

*Western Anatomy

*Mind & Meditation

*Naad & Mantra

*Pranayama – the magic of conscious breathing

*Health, Stress, Vitality

*Ayurveda – the art of long life


*Humanology & yogic lifestyle

*Karma & Destiny

*Your spiritual path


Bibi Nanaki, responsible KRI Lead Trainer 

The teachings of Kundalini Yoga touched and found me in 1997. They have become an integral part of my life and have already saved it in two very concrete difficult situations. Based on my own experience, I am deeply convinced that it is exactly the right form of yoga for our times, as it works quickly and comprehensively, picks people up where they are and transforms them. I see it as my mission to pass on this precious jewel to people from all over the world and have been doing this in the form of teacher trainings, seminars & retreats in many countries around the world since 2004. Yogi Bhajan has shared this unique and powerful technology with us so that we can become a conscious human being. For only then will you have the courage to truly let your inner light shine and become a beacon for the Aquarian Age. Just as Guru Nanak says at the end of Jap Ji, “Naanak te mukh ujile, keti chhuti naal – their faces shine and they hold many more by the hands.” 

F:1 I:S QT:2 MT:-21

Gurudass Kaur, USA & Spain. I am very pleased to announce Gurudass Kaur as the Special Guest Trainer for this year’s training. She is known to many as the “Mama” of the European Yoga Festival, always greeting us with her heartfelt “Hola Familia!” at the opening ceremony. You know her wonderful settings of Kundalini Yoga mantras, her graceful Celestial Communications & of course the children’s yoga classes at the Yoga Festival, which you love to join even as an adult. With over 40 years of her own practice of Kundalini Yoga and as a direct student of Yogi Bhajan for many years, she passes on the teachings as an instructor in her joyful, warm, energetic and very inspiring way.


Ravi Kaur, South Africa, experienced international lead trainer & yoga therapist. Through her many years of dedication to the training of yoga teachers of color in South Africa and as an organizer of yoga events for social justice, Ravi Kaur is a role model and touches people with her humility and humbleness. With her strength, clarity and devotion, she embodies the spiritual warrior of our modern times. Her activities show us the whole also political and social scope of yoga in our present time.

Boris-A. Patek – our experienced expert and trainer for anatomy and asanas

Eva Maack – our expert for Ayurveda & Nutrition

Kosta from Kosta Yoga – Gatka, Gong, Yoga for special target groups, Online Yoga, Marketing, 

Teaching languages are primarily German & English for the international instructors. Translation ENG-DE is given.

The requirements to successfully complete the training and receive the
KRI Certificate as “Instructor” for Kundalini Yoga (220 hours) are:

*Participation in all training modules (alternative dates may be possible).
*Successful completion of your own teaching unit (internship)
*Passing the written exam
*20 Kundalini Yoga observation hours with different teachers in the course of the training with proof of completion
*Completion of a 40-day Sadhana with given Kriya / Meditation
*Completion of 2 course programs (beginner/advanced)


Early bird discount: 2.700,00€
for binding registration until 11.01.2022 & one-time payment of the total amount

Early bird discount: 2.800,00€
for binding registration until 11.01.2022 & payment in installments

Reduced price: 2.850,00€
for binding registration after 11.01.2022 & one-time payment of the total amount

Regular price: 2.950,00€
for binding registration after 11.01.2022 & payment in installments

The next info talk via Zoom about teacher training will take place on
21.12.2022 from 18:00 – 18:45 o’clock
Directly before the Kundalini Special for the Winter Solstice, in which you can participate as an interested person for the preferential price of 11€, in order to get to know me as a teacher, should we not yet know each other personally.

Meeting ID: 999 888 8262

Sign up for the info meeting right here!

Click on the gong photo to get some wonderful impressions in words & pictures from the last training class of 2020. 

Click on the photo for feedback from participants of the training:

You are here on earth to let your unique
light shine!
Light your own inner candle,
so that many thousands of other people
find and light their own through your light
and ignite them!
Go Shining!
Be to Shine!

Bibi Nanaki
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bei verbindlicher Anmeldung & Einmalzahlung des Gesamtbetrags: 1750€ (Early-bird price until 11.1.2022)