International Teacher Training Level 2 – Stress + Vitality – Online

4.11.2022  - 6.11.2022
    Kundalini Yoga Lehrerausbildung Stufe 2 – Transformation 

International KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 2
with Bibi Nanaki & Nirmal Singh (Vienna)

Module Vitality & Stress

November 2022
2 modules of 3 days each – online

04.-06.11.2022 with Bibi Nanaki
09.-11.12.2022 with Nirmal Singh

Bibi Nanaki & Nirmal Singh

Teaching language: English

Module “Stress & Vitality

*The course is 50 hours, plus 12 hours of self-study and your own practice over 90 days following the module.
*In this course we cultivate some of the core skills for the age we live in – the ability to recognize stress in ourselves as well as in others, and to develop and apply tools to transform stress and rebalance through conscious relaxation.
*Kundalini Yoga prepares all of us to be teachers who act with clear mind, outstanding caliber and character, and have the vitality to successfully face any crisis in life.
*This module gives you the opportunity to experience and understand in depth how you respond to stress, how to manage it well, and how to sustainably strengthen your vitality so that it is fully available to you for your daily life and its challenges.

Course contents Stress & Vitality
– Explore your vitality and recognize awareness as its core.
– Assess your stress level and its effect on you.
– Understand the role of emotions in creating stress.
– Identify your stress personality.
– Learn the difference between stress response and relaxation response.
– Understand and heal Cold Depression and Emotional Exhaustion.
– The mechanisms of stress and tools to reduce stress and increase vitality.
– The dynamics of kriya & meditation in relation to stress and vitality
– The science behind Kriyas: the 5 elements, meridians, organ-emotion-disease connections, angles and triangles, the Self Sensory System
– “Healing hands”, Kundalini Yoga massage for healing body, mind and spirit
– The science of consciously directing prana through breathing (pranayam)
– Nutrition – food as medicine
– Sleep, Sadhana & Ishnaan
– Leadership & healing presence in dealing with crises and disasters of our time
– Regenerate and renew your energy level in a yogic way.
– Decisions under stress: intuition & excellence even under pressure
– Maintain your vitality as a balance of energy, calmness and sensitivity.
– Develop your own vitality model and a lifestyle conducive to it.
– Experience Santokh – deep inner contentment.
– Dive deeper into Shunia and gratitude.

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If you have any questions, please contact Bibi Nanaki by mail.



Modul Stress & Vitalität: 550€ (Early-bird price until 15.10.2022)

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