Bibi Nanaki | Kundalini Alchemy

Kundalini Alchemy

Integrating her own life experiences and a variety of techniques acquired on her spiritual path over the last 25 years, Bibi Nanaki, internationally renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher and Lead Trainer levels 1 + 2 offers deeply transformative workshops, retreats and trainings worldwide.
Kundalini Yoga – the yoga of awareness as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Gong Yoga & Gong Therapy and Lightgrids Healing as taught by Damien Wynne are the main tools used to give you a deep and lasting experience of your own beauty and potential.

Go Shining! Be the answer, not the question. 

Come and dive deep into your True Being.
Dare to shine the light of your Soul.
Have the courage to walk the distance towards your destiny.
Be to Be.

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